4 steps to secure an online math tutoring job

4 steps to secure an online math tutoring job

Online math tutoring jobs are a highly lucrative part-time or full-time profession for anybody who loves teaching and guiding others. The industry is rapidly developing with the advent of technologies, innovations and the increasing use of the internet. Learning from online tutors is a way students achieve their academic goals. We’re all quite at home with shopping and paying bills online, so why not tutoring? Parents and students are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of online tutors.

Many children lack the skills and confidence they should have acquired and parents of such kids are looking for good tutors to help their children make the desired progress in more specialized subjects like Mathematics. Online tutors are a varied bunch and all you need is the requisite knowledge and skill in Maths and a friendly, passionate attitude to become an online math tutor.

Life with an online math tutoring job is full of fun, challenges and rewards. They get the chance to work with students from diverse geographical areas and cultural backgrounds. Once the person interested in getting an online math tutoring job understands the advantages and scope of online tutoring, the next important thing is where to begin. If you are looking for a way to make money from home, but not sure how to get started, we’ll show you how, in this post, we at Matr can help you to become an online math tutor and the various skills and criteria you must meet.

1. Do you have the required subject knowledge to tutor Math online?

You don’t need a Masters degree or a PhD to pursue a job in online math tutoring. But the minimum requirement is to possess the subject knowledge for teaching math online. Make sure you possess the right qualification and knowledge of the subject before taking an online math tutoring job. Experience in teaching in the past is a great qualifier.

Online teaching platforms often consider the highest qualifications of the tutors and they make sure that any applicants possess the appropriate knowledge to acquire the job. You could consider enrolling for tutor training programs or higher qualification programs to be eligible for such jobs.

If you have already worked as a math teacher in the past or have experience in teaching math, that will definitely work as a plus. If you’re a stay at home mom who is looking to add value to your CV, an online math tutoring job is a great way to start. With online tutoring, you will only add more experience to your professional profile and math tutoring is quite a lucrative field amongst other online jobs. We don’t expect you to be a math whizz, however, to assure the training process is plain sailing, you will have an edge if you have the basic concepts of math in place.

Thinking about applying to become a Matr Talent tutor?

Before you apply make sure that you can:

  • Commit to 6 hours/week
  • Access excellent broadband connectivity
  • Teach from India
  • Speak good quality English

2. Think about the skills you need to be an online math teacher

Skills to get an online math tutoring job

Apart from having a good knowledge of maths, you will need to possess some skills that are required to become a successful online tutor. Basic skills like communication, listening ability, flexibility in approach, familiarity with the course structure, the ability to motivate students and the ability to deploy resources are highly important.Listening, presentation, motivating the child to ask questions, praising the child are all a part of the soft skills that are needed to be successful in an online math tutoring job. Try to recollect who your favourite teacher in school was. How did he/she inspire you? What did you expect to learn? And how did they help you? Apply the same in your online tutoring. Math doesn’t have to be boring, make the learning process fun so that the child looks forward to the next class.You should possess a highly adaptable and flexible teaching style and great one-to-one teaching skills. You also need IT skills to be able to navigate online teaching platforms and utilize online study materials well. Such skills are really easy to master but it is important to pay attention to them.The online classroom that we use here at Matr is very easy to get to grips with. We will also provide you with training sessions so that you can get familiar with all of the elements and functionalities of teaching online.

3. A proficiency In English

Most of your students will be based in the United Kingdom and this requires that you are capable of communicating effectively with them. A proficiency in English and communication skills are the most important requirements for taking a job as an online math tutor. You should be able to explain the lessons clearly and easily while holding a good conversation with the students.

4. Time management skills

Having an online math tutoring job means that you will be working from the comfort of your home. Though this job opportunity gives you the benefit of working at your convenient hours you must be able to balance your work and personal life. Effective time management is mandatory to be able to teach efficiently.


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