Passion is Everything that you Should have to Pursue Education

Passion is Everything that you Should have to Pursue Education

This is perhaps the least-accepted reason, culturally, to pursue higher education. Some hold that the time and financial investment of post-secondary school should only be pursued with practical, concrete career goals in mind. However, pursuing our passions is an extremely important component of a healthy, well-lived life.

When I first began thinking about college, I had no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up. But I knew that I had an intense love of philosophy – asking and thinking about questions such as what has value in the world and how we should treat one another. I could have made myself miserable by entering a program that had more clear career prospects but less interest to me, or I could have skipped college altogether and read my books on my own. But I knew I wanted to commit a substantial amount of time and energy to rigorous study of the discipline. I’ve heard it a million times: “What can you do with that degree?”

With that degree, I can show that I worked hard. With the education that led up to that degree, I am a better thinker and writer. Just as important, I think, is that I spent four years of my life immersed in something I love and realizing that I want to incorporate it in how I behave and what I do throughout my life. My studies have influenced how I treat others and the work I do for Good Choices Good Life – incorporating important philosophical concepts into practical decision-making advice. We can figure out ways to apply our passions as we pursue them.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
William Butler Yeats

Education is not only a tool for making money – it can be good for our hearts and souls as well, and help us figure out how we want to live. On top of the well-being that comes with pursuing a passion through higher education, one gets the additional benefits mentioned above, making it not only fulfilling, but very practical as well.

One’s choice of school and program will depend largely on what he or she seeks to gain from higher education, but before a person can make a good choice in this area, it’s necessary to know about the different options available. In Part 2, we’ll go over several different types of programs in detail. Then, in Part 3, we’ll cover many considerations one should keep in mind when choosing a program.


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