Summary Sunday: Being Proactive In Your Job Search

Summary Sunday: Being Proactive In Your Job Search

What does it mean to be proactive in job search? A proactive job search puts you in the driver’s seat and empowers you to uncover opportunities.

Isn’t this where you want to be?

Summary Sunday_ Being Proactive In Your Job Search

This week’s summary includes articles to help you take steps and develop a plan of action for your job search and for networking. Building an optimized LinkedIn profile, tips to overcome the emotions of job search, tips for helping you genuinely network, and social media status updates to increase awareness of your expertise.

In today’s rocky economy, the best career strategy is one that focuses on you being proactive in job search. I hope that you’ll take some of these ideas to heart and shift your job search to one where you are in control!


5 Steps to Shorter Job Search with LinkedIn
by Tony Restell, Social-Hire |

Recruiters are searching for the ideal candidate. So this article will help you improve the chances your LinkedIn profile will get discovered. As Restell writes:

Today, the success of your job search is now closely tied to whether or not the recruiters who have your ideal jobs actually find your profile and are persuaded to want to contact you.

Safeguarding Your Mental Health While Looking For Work, and Other Tips For Job Seekers
by Andrew Seaman on LinkedIn

One thing job seekers struggle with is keeping a positive mindset. And that leads to difficulty staying motivated. Keep these tips in mind when your job search gets you down.


Networking: 7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Career
by Sharlyn Lauby | HR Bartender

If you haven’t invested much time or energy into networking, it’s not too late. The real secret to networking success is to think of it as a long-term project, not something you do when you need something (like a new job). Use these 7 tips to improve your networking strategy.


If you are active on social media but looking to build out your professional reputation, try any/all of these status updates to help your network and others see your expertise.



You Actually *Can* Ask for More Vacation Time. How to Request (And Get!) the Time Off You Deserve, According to Experts
by Olivia Raimonde | MONEY

Did you know, only 54% of people even asked to negotiate their vacation time (according to a recent study by Monster)? Whether you are starting a new job or just need to ask for some vacation, this will help you understand when to ask for it and how!

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