Summary Sunday: Invest Time In The Right Job Search Habits

Summary Sunday: Invest Time In The Right Job Search Habits

To make the most of your time during job search, you want to invest in the right job search habits and activities.

right job search habits

It’s easy to slack off during job search. There aren’t any deadlines and no one is looking over your shoulder.

So this week’s summary will help you build a better routine and help invest your time in the right job search habits.

You’ll find daily LinkedIn activities, interviewing answers NOT to use, ideas for Twitter lists to help you keep up-to-date, and ways to find target companies and more!


10 Things To Immediately Start Doing On LinkedIn Frequently
by John Hall | Forbes

These are 10 daily actions to take on LinkedIn to help you stay connected and grow your career. From quick shoutouts to creating your own content and tons of ideas that range somewhere in-between, being active on LinkedIn doesn’t have to take much time.


These Are The Worst Answers To The Most Common Job Interview Questions
by Anisa Purbasari Horton | FastCompany

Hiring managers and recruiters provided some of the worst answers they’ve heard during job interviews. Don’t use these when answering “tell me about yourself?” “why do you want this job?” or the other four questions!


23 Seldom-Used Ideas for How to Use Twitter Lists
by Kevan Lee | Buffer

Twitter lists are invaluable for filtering out the noise in your home feed. Here are 23 list ideas to help make Twitter more valuable and worth your time.

PS if you didn’t see my recent list, check out 50 Best Twitter Accounts For Job Search Advice 2019


Expert’s Guide to Creating Targeted Company Lists
by Sarah Johnston | Briefcase Coach

You know you should have a target list of companies to guide your job search activities, but sometimes you don’t know where to go to find them. Here is a collection of 10 expert-recommended sources you can use to expand your target list.


These CEOs work 40 hours or less a week (and think you should too)
by Pavithra Mohan | FastCompany

8.5 hours at work on a weekday. That’s how long the average person spends at work. But at least three CEOs have found ways to balance their time between work and pleasure. See how (and why).


Are Boomer Parents Giving Their Kids Bad Career Advice?
by Nancy Collamer | Next Avenue

“Here are four dated job-search tips some boomers give their millennial kids and the updated advice (from the MBA students, other career coaches and me) that’s much better.”

Thanks to Nancy for allowing me to chime in on this!

What a Job Search Strategy Looks Like
by Jason Alba | JibberJobber

Jason Alba featured my job search strategy a few years back, but he’s focusing on it again. Jason has just released his 6-week online job search training. You can learn more The JibberJobber Job Search Program.

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